Does Your Personality Type Lead To
Burnout & Fatigue?

Many of my fatigued clients meet the criteria for what I call the Holding Personality.

Take this free 5-minute quiz to discover if you are a match for this personality type and the related psychological patterns that can keep you depleted and burned out

Are you ready to empower yourself with this knowledge that could be the missing link
to overcoming chronic fatigue and burnout?

Kerry is a Holistic Psychologist and BodyTalk practitioner and supports those who are deeply called to make an impact in the world to embrace their purpose without burning out. She offers a unique body, mind and spirit approach to understand and transform the underlying patterns that create an overly sensitive stress response, physical imbalance, overwhelm, and fatigue.

Hers is an approach that goes beyond relying on medical practitioners to taking your power back into your own hands as you become more aware of what has caused your fatigue and what is needed to step back into your balanced, thriving self.

Born out of her own experience with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, Kerry has created a unique programme to support clients to experience body and mind balance for greater mental and physical wellbeing; to fully connect with their life purpose, and to regain the motivation and energy to live that purpose to the fullest